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    News — upholstery and joinery

    Style Up your Office Space with Custom Upholstery and Joinery

    Style Up your Office Space with Custom Upholstery and Joinery

    If you're looking to create an office space that has character and style there's no better way than to use custom upholstery and joinery. 

    For your visitor or breakout seating try using one of the latest felt style fabrics like Laines Adelphi that are available in a bunch of great colours. These fabrics are super comfortable and are pre-treated with Stainguard soil and liquid repellent so are easy to keep clean.

    If you're looking for task chairs with a bit more style than the standard black or blue colours, ask us about some of the great upholstery ranges available for these. Selecting custom upholstered fabrics is cheaper than you'd think and it can turn boring task chairs into a stylish office chair that everyone will love.

    We have a full range of Laines fabric swatches in our Footscray furniture showroom and we can bring these to you when doing an onsite visit for a free quote or design brief. Ask us to send you link to some of our fabric suppliers websites to give you some ideas on what's possible.

    Beyond adding style to seating, why not consider creating custom joinery in a timber style melamine. We can help you add character and style though custom desk tops, storage cabinets or tables. These can be designed to fit perfectly with existing decor or to add a modern feel to dated decor. We've made boardroom tables in melamine or timber veneer to create a unique corporate image for your business.

    Once again we have lots of physical swatches of Melamine from Laminex, Polytec or Formica as well as Timber Veneer swatches for those wanting a true timber finish. We'd be happy to bring these to you and help you add more character and style to your office space.

    Contact us if you'd like more info on what's possible with custom upholstery and joinery.