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    News — sit and stand desk

    The Jarvis Desk... Australia?

    The Jarvis Desk... Australia?

    Jarvis Desk's are taking the furniture market by storm and for good reason... they are well built, well marketed and at fairly good price point. Equipped with quite a large range of customizable features there is no wonder they are coming out front runners in this new sit stand craze. 

    The Jarvis desk is yet to hit Australian shores as of yet and is only distributed across America. But the difference between the Jarvis desk and our range of sit and stand desks isn't a whole lot... just a whole more options.

    If we were to compare our range of sit and stand desks and the Jarvis desks we can really start by the fact that we have such a wide range brands and types all in one location. This enables you to test and trial which one is right for you instead of getting something that might look great but might not be ideal for your circumstance. I think what we all need to take into consideration that Jarvis is just a brand, one brand of electric desks. It is wonderfully marketed and sits right in the medium price bracket of a standard electric desk. 

    The desk itself is well designed and does have a particular look about it, but there isn't that much variety in terms of frame and style. Even though the frame colour is interchangeable its shape isn't. This type of frame can look quite industrial at times and could hinder the support of the desk which can cause some wobbly tendencies.

    Price is also a main factor in the hype around the Jarvis desks, which I can understand as there is some brands out there that obviously believe there desks are made of gold and rubies... But don't let that back you into a corner, as there are some amazingly priced desks, with some fantastic features all made right here in Australia.  

    So I'll leave you with this... Do your research and understand what YOU need and when you're ready, Call Us!








    Can all the Ergonomic Furniture Please be up Standing…. And Everyone Else for that Matter, with our Sit and Stand Desks!

    Can all the Ergonomic Furniture Please be up Standing…. And Everyone Else for that Matter, with our Sit and Stand Desks!


    Sit and Stand desks are rapidly becoming a highly sort after essential in every workplace. Not only are they trending for their aesthetic purposes, but more so for health benefits. Switching between the two can lower chances of obesity and heart disease. Using a height adjustable desk will also increase productivity and overall staff happiness.

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a stand!

    Our Sit and Stand Desk Range

    Getting into our huge range of great products… And the huge range of motion those products offer. The wonderful world of technology also comes with a wonderful world of colours, finishes, materials and types… Well, let’s just say we have them all. We have anything from desk risers to sit and stand meeting tables and are constantly out seeking new high-class products to sink our teeth into. Here at Love Your Office we constantly keeping an eye out for new products that are up to date, fresh and funky… (as everyone's weird uncle who still thinks his  "hip" would say).

     Goodbye Fat and Hello Energy

     Reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are just some of the negative effects scientific studies have proven due to excessive amounts of sitting. Not to mention the benefits of standing at work, such as less fatigue, increase in motivation, energy and productivity levels. No wonder OH&S are having furniture field days!

     The Verdict

     My question to you is, how could you afford not to have one!? As they say, there is a person for everyone and as I’d like to say there is also a desk… so it’s time to break up with the old and bring in the new… Let’s just say, you want to find someone (or something) that’s going to bring you up and not drag you down!