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    Colour = Mood?

    Colour = Mood?

    Did you know the colour of the walls in your office could significantly reduce stress and boost productivity in the work place? As all the big CEOs of the world are reaching for cans of every colour under the sun, sit back and wait a minute….

    Choosing your wall colour in the work place isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, but to help build up your business from the inside - out. In this process you must think about these five key elements when picking your colour palette: stimulation, productivity, brand reflection, calming factors and clarity. The colours you choose ideally need to reflect your brand and values as well as the work your employees undertake. 

    Colours in the office have more of an impact than you would have ever imagined… They are the simplest way to boost performance and morale. In fact, there have been studies taken out in offices all around the world and their workers' reactions to colour in the work place. The results found that when particular colours were used there was quite a large increase in work ethic and productivity levels soared. With that said, too much of some colours can cause irritability and anxiety, so it really helps to do your research before you take the (brush) plunge. Furthermore, colours can give the same effect with just complements scattered throughout furniture and décor.

    But we are not just talking about the paint on the walls, wood has also been shown to have a huge impact on mood. As it is a more natural fibre, it is able to bring warmth and character to a dull room.

    I hope I’ve given you something to think about… now it's time to take action!