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    News — office fit out interior

    You Have Trouble Picking an Outfit to Wear to the Office... Let Alone Picking a Fit Out for the Office. Have No Fear Love Your Office to the Rescue!

    You Have Trouble Picking an Outfit to Wear to the Office... Let Alone Picking a Fit Out for the Office. Have No Fear Love Your Office to the Rescue!


    The stress starts to bubble up, your stomach starts to do back flips and then realization starts to surface… You start thinking about how to even start planning the team’s lunches, let alone a whole new layout! You then start to calm yourself, what’s a couple of new desks and a pot plant here and there? This thought all comes crashing down when your boss asks for a list of products and a layout. Can’t find a ruler? Don’t understand quotes? Is there even any Melbourne office fit out specialist? What’s an office fit out? Have as much taste as whoever dresses the weather lady?  That’s where we come in.


    Layout and Time-frame

    A professional layout designer will show up at your office free of charge, in one hand carrying some tissues and in the other a blank piece of paper… that in just 24hrs will hold your dream scaled office interior fit out plan… 100% stress free! I could just mic drop there but it gets better… In just a couple days after the plans have been approve and you’ve impressed your boss with how efficient you are… you will receive an email. This email will not just have the total office fit out cost, a quote to fit your budget, but also your time frame and all from our exclusive office fit out contractor (that promotion is at arm’s reach now).


    Storage and Style

    Pam needs extra storage space for her foot cream? Mark needs more desk space for his useless data graphs? Write it down and let us know! Our fit out design team won’t leave any corner untouched (or person without a desk) and you need to look like you’re doing something. On the same breath, after you’ve done the once over on Facebook and picked up the coffee, jump onto Pinterest with the perfect search (#officeinspo) for some office fit out ideas! You will need to find office fit out inspiration and style ideas to best compliment your companies fit out and layout. But most importantly something we can go off and help to build your specific brand (No Pam, a spa in the office is not realistic and won’t fit the budget).


    The Finished Product

    After all your hard work is done, we will help you customize the office fit out plan… the colour, style and finishes from our amazing local furniture manufactures! It is then, all in our reliable, professional hands and we have it from here. After that is sorted, you can then put your two pot plants on the window seal, dust off your hands and continue your candy crush. I mean you’ve done so much in such a small amount of time and the office décor is exquisite… How did you even manage that? These are all the questions you’ll get from the other office managers looking for office refits… in which you will reply… to truly Love Your Office you need Love Your Office. Case closed.