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    News — must haves for 2018

    4 Office Furniture Must haves for 2018!

    4 Office Furniture Must haves for 2018!

    Adaptable and Modular Furniture 

    Start 2018 right with an office space set up for success, Active Based Working (or ABW) is one of the spectacular office space trends sweeping the nation. This is giving workers the option of hundreds of inspiring set-ups and layouts to suit there office working needs. Offering ABW to your staff can be a great asset to your business, especially for the millennials who are quickly flooding the job market and are looking for inspiring, balanced environments to let their minds run free. ABW is also an affordable & adaptable investment which can range from an open interactive work space to comfortable and private working pods. 

    Integrate Technology

    When you think of Technology, you think of computers, tablets, phones and laptops... These will be absolutely necessary in 2018 but have you thought of adding items to better equip the ever evolving workplace. If you haven't heard about the newest office technology to better your health, your mind and your work place communications then let me open your eyes.

    Monitor arms are the must have for the new year and will change your companies working life for the better. It seems these days one person can never have enough screens for their multi-tasking needs. This where monitor arms come in... this adjustable asset will ensure that your monitors can be set at the perfect ergonomic position for your height and create a whole new space you never thought you could have (a desk is under there). That's not all! Monitor arms are available with built in USB charging ports (handy!), speaker jacks (also handy!) and swivel arms so that they are easily adjusted to aid collaboration and general working encounters with other employees.

    Health inspired ergonomic furniture 

    You don't have to be in pain to invest in ergonomic furniture, in fact investing in ergonomic office furniture can help you and your colleagues avoid office injuries all together. Sit and stand desks, ergonomic chairs and anti fatigue mats are just a few body transforming pieces that can change your life for the better. Ergonomic office chairs are designed for comfort and correct posture to reduce the amount of stress and spinal tension and can actually allow for higher productivity. Pairing the Ergonomic office chairs with sit and stand desks and anti fatigue mats is the recipe for a happy healthy & successful work place. Sit and stand desks not only help with body pain but also help burn calories and keep the mind active. 

    The perfect storage options for less clutter

    Lets start 2018 with less clutter, mess and a less stress! Stephanie Winston, author of The Organised Executive, estimates a manager loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4,000/yr if earning $35,000/yr – or $8,125/yr at $65,000.... and that's just the manager! So, really I think its in everyone's best interest to invest in ergonomically designed storage units for the new year!