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    First Impressions Start at Reception

    First Impressions Start at Reception

    Hey Guys,

    This is my first blog post for the new website! So, I guess this is like my first impression to you, and if we are talking about first impressions on a new furniture website…

    Maybe I should start by introducing our Reception desks and how you want to leave an everlasting impression on visitors at your company. Maybe we can help you! With our cutting-edge, contemporary designed Reception Desks, we can help you give a fabulous first impression of your business before you even open your mouth or shake a hand! Didn’t think of that did you… 



    A pop of colour here and a dash of texture there is exactly what is rapidly rising in the Reception Desk market as we speak! People are now asking us for more innovating designs to really highlight their own personal brand… Collingwood football club, we will do it but we won’t be happy about it! The era of tasteless white boxy podiums is finally over! Welcome to the birth of stylish, clean and funky reception areas to suit any business!



    Our most commonly asked questions are always about sizing and customisation… nobody panic or stick your head in the sand! We have put these fires out before they were even started. Here at Love Your Office we have put together carefully picked products that are very versatile in structure, design and size. This means you have free rein to pick and customise the exact size, the finish, colour, pattern and storage options to suit your specific needs.



    You might be thinking the focus is on the front alone… you would be very wrong, as it’s not just what you see on the outside, but also what’s on the inside that also counts (A quote brought to you by everyone’s mum) …

    We pride ourselves in not just the design of a products but also in knowing the needs of our customers. The last thing you would want at any first point of contact is mess, clutter and an angry Receptionist who has nowhere to keep her snacks. This is where we can offer a huge array of behind desk storage options ranging from storage pillars, built in draws, cupboards, pigeon holes, shelves, under desk storage and more. This is not only important for your visitors but also for the receptionist, because if the old and bland storage-less desk didn’t scare them away the hungry receptionist will.

    I’ll leave that choice up to you.