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    Office Fit Out Checklist

    Office Fit Out Checklist


    Choosing to do an office fit will most likely be the easiest step in the process of your office fit out journey… So, congratulations if you’ve reached this stage, this means you are growing and developing as a business. However, now the fun only just begins, and you don’t even know where or what to start. Is this you? If so keep reading.

    1. Vision and Plans

    What are your 3, 5 and 10-year plans for developing your business? How will this affect your annual turnover and cash flow? Are you planning to increase your staff capacity and general staff requirements (ping pong table)? Does everyone need an office space? Do you need a break-out lounge? do they need a ping pong table…? (Answer is always yes).

    Design also takes a huge part in your new make-over, how do you like to be perceived by your clients and future employees? How will it reflect your brand and your values?

    Design also incorporates acoustics, atmosphere, colour and floor plans… But this isn’t as hard as you would think, plans are a breeze with the right fit out team and this is where we come in…

    1. Budget

    Now there is no one who likes to talk about money more than your average decision-making business personal and there isn’t one person that would run away faster than the decision-making business personal making a budget… Office fit outs, whether you’re relocating or renovating the space, will be the top highest business expenditure you are likely to go through. With that said you have everything to benefit from an updated and contemporary space… but that’s another article. Budgeting is an extremely important asset to office fit outs, budgeting demands an accurate and precise plan to reach exact prosperity.

    1. Choosing your Team

    Choosing the perfect fit out team for your business will turn into being your most valued (value for money and detail) asset when it comes to your office. You need to find a team to fit for your fit and there is nothing we know more then office spaces. The business you choose should come out and consult your office, on site free of charge, take the pressure off you and your team and get a quote with pictures included, too you with-in 1-2 days.

    Here at Love Your Office we will gladly take your stress back and allow you to focus on your work not ours. After the free consult we will take our plans back to our office and carefully construct a quote using your budget, time line, design brief, style, storage, power, data and measurements. The quote will also have additional options for you too choose from (colours, styles, sizes and prices) that we have carefully picked out (includes product pictures) to suit your business. Not only will this quote be adaptable to chop and change the products, but the quote has a formula to allow quantities to be changed and in turn your total will form to it.

    After you have chosen the products to suit your brand, we then come back to discuss layout and plan an install day. We then create our professional team, with your business in mind to be able to complete the job as quick and efficiently as possible. Our fit-outs only ever take one day (with exceptions to the rule) and we can set-up over weekend if it suits you better to avoid any delays or hassles. What else could you ask for?

    Let us do the hard work in finding the perfect office fit out furniture for your budget and style.

    Let us do the hard work in finding the perfect office fit out furniture for your budget and style.

    Often clients spend many hours searching for office furniture before contacting us to quote on an office fit out. You really don't need to do that when you deal with us.

    It doesn't hurt to see what's out there, but you don't need to build a list of items from our website range before you contact us for a quote. The reality is, we can never feature every product, plus there are new items becoming available all the time. We only need you to have an idea of the style and budget, then you can leave it with us to do the hunting. We will then put together a quote including images with various options on each item.

     There are some things we would like you to think about before we catch up for the first design brief. While we can help create a scaled layout, we do need to know numbers of staff you want in any particular area. It also helps if you think about what various staff need in terms of desk size and storage space. It can also help if you create a picture board or just a set of photos you've saved from a Google search to tell us what style you're after. Remember these don't have to be stuff you've seen on our site. We can almost always find something similar and if it's above your budget we'll do our best to find a better priced alternative.

    We have a number of great local manufacturers who can custom build just about anything you can think up. You can select from a huge range of materials and finishes to either match existing decor or create an awesome new style. We have swatches in Timber Veneer, Melamine (Laminex, Formica & Polytec), Upholstery Fabric and Acoustic Board that we can bring to you to get excited about creating your new office style.

    So if you're looking to create a new office fit out and you don't want to waste time searching for products just give us a crack. We'll save you time and help you get the best style your budget can afford. 


    Guess what Melbourne Footy Team we did an Office Fit Out for?

    Guess what Melbourne Footy Team we did an Office Fit Out for?

    The divider screen colours might just give it away...

    This was a great opportunity to show how we can customise divider screens to create a corporate feel. With a range of workstation configurations from 2 desks back to back to 8 desks back to back this layout allows lots of work space and room to move. 

    We worked closely with their team to establish a workstation style and layout to best suit. We even took the time to mark out the proposed workstations on the floor to give a true idea on how the desks would fit the space. This client had very specific colours to match so we made every effort to provide them with lots of fabric swatches to ensure the divider screen colours were perfect.

    Our flexibility went beyond our efforts to create the perfect look and style. As this client didn't want to interrupt their staff during the working week they asked if we could install on a Saturday and we were happy to do so.

    Being flexible and going the extra mile is why you should give us a crack at quoting your next Melbourne office fit-out.