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    Just another Fitout...

    Just another Fitout...

    This week we were lucky enough to create magic with Hospitality software giant Redcat. This POS system provider is a modern ever growing company and is continuing to rock the hospitality world. Together we have helped them create a stylish office space to match the quality and convenience they deliver to the customers.

    This Fit Out really highlights how an office can mix efficiency with comfort with integrating some key areas for team building.

    ABW Modular furniture is a great way to give some life to your office in a more cost efficient  and relaxed style. This type of set-up can allow your staff to work in more of an active and productive manner either in a team or by themselves.

    Complimented with Sit and Stand desks this office is truly a match made in heaven. Traditional rows of bland desks are out and the future is here with innovative technology to help ideas flow and keep bodies moving!

    In traditional REDcat red these vibrant Khloe break-out lounges give a wonderful elegances to the room. While looking like an art piece the lounges are not just to gawk at, they are also know for their comfort and quiet components. Doubling as a noise cancelling space thanks to the clever acoustic properties these pieces feature, they can be used for anything from high energy meetings to a quick power nap. 

    Thank-you for having us Redcat, it was a wonderful experience helping you create the perfect space for your team and we cant wait to see you continue to grow!