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    Watch Them Stare at Your New Office Chair

    Watch Them Stare at Your New Office Chair

    Just take a moment, close your eyes and imagine this….  Well, don’t exactly close them, as it would make it awfully hard to keep reading. Without further ado let me take you for a ride in your new and improved office chair…

    You can hear the gentle groans from Mario’s office and his soft cursing as his back starts to seize and ache. You peak around the corner and watch as he ever so slowly tries to stand, his spine clicking and curving... Oh how soothing you think, as your chair wraps and caresses every inch of your back from your lumber to your shoulder blades. He turns his red and pain stricken eyes to yours and scowls, as you smile ever so slightly (he’s a bit of a moron anyway). I mean, it’s not your fault Colleen ordered 15 new office chairs, instead of 150…. (and you got on Colleen’s good side last year at the Christmas party, when you gave her your last sausage roll). 

    Ah the serenity, as you look over, Susanne looks longingly back at you… Then you realise it’s not you Susanne is looking at (thank god, how were you going to explain that to your husband). It’s the endless ergonomic adjustments, I mean the seat height adjustment, followed by the back tilt and adjustable back height… I know what you’re thinking, how did they make a chair so damn comfortable, stylish and designed with maximum ergonomic effectiveness?! (your mum was right, you can have stylish and practical).

    These beautifully upholstered, sleek and modern office chairs couldn’t be ours…  That’s when you decided to do some digging with Sandra from accounts (it was also your lunch break and Sandra keeps cookies in her draw). She exclaimed that Joan from OHS recommended these specially for their AFRDI Level 6 and GECA certification… I mean how can the company afford such stylish and highly classed office chairs that support full body motion? This is when Sandra leans in close with a serious look on her face, she replies dead pan with what still shocks me to the core… “they were all at extremely competitive prices….in case you were wondering.

    As you walk slowly back to your desk (dusting the cookie crumbs off your chin) and sit down and sink back into your antibacterial, moulded seat foam you think can life get any better? Suddenly, your boss walks up to your desk (you quickly close gumtree) and look up at him… he then pulls out two adjustable chairs arms and asks if you can give him and hand or two (you laugh with enthusiasm because who do you think brought that chair your sitting on) …  As he teaches you how to use a allen key and fix the arms to your dream chair, you look up and him nervously and ask, “Where did you find such affordable and ergonomic office furniture?” and he replies, “Love your Office of course!”

    Wake up! we are not a dream, we can be your Office Chair reality, we can really show you how to LOVE YOUR OFFICE.