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    News — activity based working

    Designed to Connect with Modular Furniture

    Designed to Connect with Modular Furniture

    How would you choose between an area for team meetings, private relaxation or impressive (and overdone) art work? You now don’t have to... It’s time to invest in what gives you all those options and so much more!

     Introducing our Modular active seating range, the most cost efficient, motivate and innovative furniture design to date! The Modular furniture concept is not just a feature on its own, it is designed to complement your traditional set up and give life back into the office! I can already hear the questions coming… If the free booze and those fancy little quiches at the Christmas party can’t bring us together, how do you expect a couch to? It doesn’t… we are office furniture and fit out specialists, not genies. What it will give is a motivation boost, higher energy in the workplace and a happier, more productive team (as I said not genies… but pretty damn close). This furniture is designed to connect superficially, mentally and socially. Please tell me, what would be better for business than fun furniture, great ideas, passionate workers and a strong close-knit team? Nothing!

     It is an end of an era and time to embrace the future of activity based working… This is the 21st century, its well and truly time to say good bye to the drab, outdated office areas of corporate past (I know what you’re thinking ‘and hello to my bank account’ not quite...). This new Activity based modular furniture is quite cost efficient and cost effective. These pieces can be made into many different arrangements to suit all business circumstances such as; semi private pods for focused work to communal break-out lounges for meetings or relaxation. Modular furniture isn’t just a trend, it is the way of the working future, we are cruising into more of an active, vibrant and moving corporate world… say goodbye to mind blanks, stress and cramped work areas and start connecting with the needs of your company!