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    News — Acti mat

    Starting at the Bottom of Your Back Ache

    Starting at the Bottom of Your Back Ache

    Sit and Stand desks can be life changing and can have huge health benefits as I have previously said. But, if you’re finding that you are still getting that lower back and leg ache, that didn’t magically disappear with standing more… Here is a little food for thought, standing is only healthier than sitting if it’s done right.

    The answer to this, is the revolutionized anti-fatigue standing mats which are swiftly sweeping the furniture field. Constant standing on a flat hard surface can lead to postal fatigue, which can force your body into unhealthy and unnatural positions. Once your body starts taking to this position it can cause some serious cramping, swelling, poor circulation and soreness… completely dampening your sit stand experience (what an ANTI climax).

    Not to worry, with the new innovative products hitting the market, standing mats will further the benefits of the sit and stand desks with their anti-fatigue purposes and dynamic features, we will all be Ryan Goslings in no time! But standing mats are also for those who are just looking for less pressure on their backs, better circulation, healthy movement and a healthier body… (so more washboard abs for me).


    Static standing is OUT and Ryan Gosling is IN… And so is anti-fatigue standing mat!