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    Sit Down and Shut-up…. In the Versis Quiet Break-Out Lounge

    Sit Down and Shut-up…. In the Versis Quiet Break-Out Lounge

    Since we were on the topic of the Reception Desk and the impression you want to leave on your visitors, I thought I would BREAK into the next topic.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking … but Michaela, Breakout lounges aren’t for reception areas! I know that, but what you may not have thought of is your breakout room will sometimes hold meetings and more likely than not, with visitors you haven’t met before…  Tell me, what would make better conversation during that awkward “lull”, than that unique piece of furniture your sitting on and how the “lull” is so much more prominent because you are sitting in a noise cancelling chair.


    A bit Different, a bit Unusual 


    I would like to introduce to you the Versis Quiet Breakout Lounge. This unique lounge also has the power to equally help you draw in more of that WOW factor and less of that bustling office chatter (that can drive us a little nuts sometimes).


    From the get go, this beauty is eye catching with its elegant high back, extended winged side panels and as we discussed, a quiet yet personal ambiance.


    Loud Patterns, Bright Colours and a Little Privacy 


    The Versis Quiet Breakout Lounge, is not only a stand-out but it is also super versatile and we have the power to make it a very comfortable chameleon.


    Let me tell you how…

    With our ability to help you change your lounge into any two-toned colour/pattern, it will easily slip into your office décor (like it was made for it... you know, because it is).


    Just because the colours on the Versis Quiet Breakout lounge can be bright and in your face, sitting in it doesn’t give you the same effect ... In fact, it gives the opposite.


    The last but most wonderful feature to this remarkable couch, is the privacy you are able to gain as soon as your bum touches the fixed commercial grade foam cushions.


    The Versis Quiet Break-out Lounge gives you the ultimate quiet time to relax, think and occasionally hide from your staff … With the choice of having 1 seater, 2 seater and 3 seater options, you can ideally choose who you want to share a couch with and who “Just can’t sit with us!”

    So how could you afford not to have one…. or 2 or even 3, depending on your requirements.