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    Office’s flourishing and performance is growing… with greenery

    Office’s flourishing and performance is growing… with greenery

    With fit-outs booming, businesses are starting really taking charge of their brand, core values and their workplace atmosphere. With companies moving into a more relaxed atmosphere, the work coming from it is anything but relaxed… Studies were undergone on 10 high performing businesses in the US and the results emerged that green-certified offices were seen to have a 26% boost in cognition, 30% fewer sickness related absences and reported a 6% rise in sleep quality. 

    Furthermore, studies were also taken out around the world, producing more outstanding results. Exeter University in South West England, reported a huge 15% increase in productivity once plants were brought into the office. A green office led to a boost in employee engagement, concentration levels and clearer air qualities.

    Green offices are also seen to provide clarification and delay gratification. Resulting in Dutch studies providing sufficient evidence that greenery in the offices of decision makers help in their long-term goals, strategies and decisions. So, the real question is what are you waiting for? If the pros are better staff morale, health benefits and productivity increase you are basically losing the green without the green.


    Office Fit Out Checklist

    Office Fit Out Checklist


    Choosing to do an office fit will most likely be the easiest step in the process of your office fit out journey… So, congratulations if you’ve reached this stage, this means you are growing and developing as a business. However, now the fun only just begins, and you don’t even know where or what to start. Is this you? If so keep reading.

    1. Vision and Plans

    What are your 3, 5 and 10-year plans for developing your business? How will this affect your annual turnover and cash flow? Are you planning to increase your staff capacity and general staff requirements (ping pong table)? Does everyone need an office space? Do you need a break-out lounge? do they need a ping pong table…? (Answer is always yes).

    Design also takes a huge part in your new make-over, how do you like to be perceived by your clients and future employees? How will it reflect your brand and your values?

    Design also incorporates acoustics, atmosphere, colour and floor plans… But this isn’t as hard as you would think, plans are a breeze with the right fit out team and this is where we come in…

    1. Budget

    Now there is no one who likes to talk about money more than your average decision-making business personal and there isn’t one person that would run away faster than the decision-making business personal making a budget… Office fit outs, whether you’re relocating or renovating the space, will be the top highest business expenditure you are likely to go through. With that said you have everything to benefit from an updated and contemporary space… but that’s another article. Budgeting is an extremely important asset to office fit outs, budgeting demands an accurate and precise plan to reach exact prosperity.

    1. Choosing your Team

    Choosing the perfect fit out team for your business will turn into being your most valued (value for money and detail) asset when it comes to your office. You need to find a team to fit for your fit and there is nothing we know more then office spaces. The business you choose should come out and consult your office, on site free of charge, take the pressure off you and your team and get a quote with pictures included, too you with-in 1-2 days.

    Here at Love Your Office we will gladly take your stress back and allow you to focus on your work not ours. After the free consult we will take our plans back to our office and carefully construct a quote using your budget, time line, design brief, style, storage, power, data and measurements. The quote will also have additional options for you too choose from (colours, styles, sizes and prices) that we have carefully picked out (includes product pictures) to suit your business. Not only will this quote be adaptable to chop and change the products, but the quote has a formula to allow quantities to be changed and in turn your total will form to it.

    After you have chosen the products to suit your brand, we then come back to discuss layout and plan an install day. We then create our professional team, with your business in mind to be able to complete the job as quick and efficiently as possible. Our fit-outs only ever take one day (with exceptions to the rule) and we can set-up over weekend if it suits you better to avoid any delays or hassles. What else could you ask for?

    4 Office Furniture Must haves for 2018!

    4 Office Furniture Must haves for 2018!

    Adaptable and Modular Furniture 

    Start 2018 right with an office space set up for success, Active Based Working (or ABW) is one of the spectacular office space trends sweeping the nation. This is giving workers the option of hundreds of inspiring set-ups and layouts to suit there office working needs. Offering ABW to your staff can be a great asset to your business, especially for the millennials who are quickly flooding the job market and are looking for inspiring, balanced environments to let their minds run free. ABW is also an affordable & adaptable investment which can range from an open interactive work space to comfortable and private working pods. 

    Integrate Technology

    When you think of Technology, you think of computers, tablets, phones and laptops... These will be absolutely necessary in 2018 but have you thought of adding items to better equip the ever evolving workplace. If you haven't heard about the newest office technology to better your health, your mind and your work place communications then let me open your eyes.

    Monitor arms are the must have for the new year and will change your companies working life for the better. It seems these days one person can never have enough screens for their multi-tasking needs. This where monitor arms come in... this adjustable asset will ensure that your monitors can be set at the perfect ergonomic position for your height and create a whole new space you never thought you could have (a desk is under there). That's not all! Monitor arms are available with built in USB charging ports (handy!), speaker jacks (also handy!) and swivel arms so that they are easily adjusted to aid collaboration and general working encounters with other employees.

    Health inspired ergonomic furniture 

    You don't have to be in pain to invest in ergonomic furniture, in fact investing in ergonomic office furniture can help you and your colleagues avoid office injuries all together. Sit and stand desks, ergonomic chairs and anti fatigue mats are just a few body transforming pieces that can change your life for the better. Ergonomic office chairs are designed for comfort and correct posture to reduce the amount of stress and spinal tension and can actually allow for higher productivity. Pairing the Ergonomic office chairs with sit and stand desks and anti fatigue mats is the recipe for a happy healthy & successful work place. Sit and stand desks not only help with body pain but also help burn calories and keep the mind active. 

    The perfect storage options for less clutter

    Lets start 2018 with less clutter, mess and a less stress! Stephanie Winston, author of The Organised Executive, estimates a manager loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4,000/yr if earning $35,000/yr – or $8,125/yr at $65,000.... and that's just the manager! So, really I think its in everyone's best interest to invest in ergonomically designed storage units for the new year!

    Jarvis Desk’s? Forget about it!

    Jarvis Desk’s? Forget about it!

    Sorry I have blogged in a hot minute, I’ve been busy putting in ALL of the big furniture installations with my own hands… (watching the team put in furniture installments because I’m not allowed to touch the power tools). But just thought I’d pop in for an old chin wag and to update you on a new, fab and fresh piece of work Americans like to call the Jarvis Desk.

    Did you hear the sarcasm in my typing? Well news flash that introduction came out with a giant eye roll… The Jarvis Desk is taking the US by absolute 'storm' and is all the rave. I'll let you in on a little secret… come a bit closer... OURS ARE BETTER (and don’t cost an arm and a kidney).

    Our Sit and Stand desks come with better finishing ranges, table tops and quality frames varieties. Also, we have a quite larger range on sizes, styles and designs. The Jarvis desk might look like a peach, but do they come fully assembled? Is it 100% stable? Is it Australian? No. If you are looking for an amazing health investment, in all the stylish and recycled options you can think of… (I mean you want pink, I’ll get you pink) look no further.



    Watch Them Stare at Your New Office Chair

    Watch Them Stare at Your New Office Chair

    Just take a moment, close your eyes and imagine this….  Well, don’t exactly close them, as it would make it awfully hard to keep reading. Without further ado let me take you for a ride in your new and improved office chair…

    You can hear the gentle groans from Mario’s office and his soft cursing as his back starts to seize and ache. You peak around the corner and watch as he ever so slowly tries to stand, his spine clicking and curving... Oh how soothing you think, as your chair wraps and caresses every inch of your back from your lumber to your shoulder blades. He turns his red and pain stricken eyes to yours and scowls, as you smile ever so slightly (he’s a bit of a moron anyway). I mean, it’s not your fault Colleen ordered 15 new office chairs, instead of 150…. (and you got on Colleen’s good side last year at the Christmas party, when you gave her your last sausage roll). 

    Ah the serenity, as you look over, Susanne looks longingly back at you… Then you realise it’s not you Susanne is looking at (thank god, how were you going to explain that to your husband). It’s the endless ergonomic adjustments, I mean the seat height adjustment, followed by the back tilt and adjustable back height… I know what you’re thinking, how did they make a chair so damn comfortable, stylish and designed with maximum ergonomic effectiveness?! (your mum was right, you can have stylish and practical).

    These beautifully upholstered, sleek and modern office chairs couldn’t be ours…  That’s when you decided to do some digging with Sandra from accounts (it was also your lunch break and Sandra keeps cookies in her draw). She exclaimed that Joan from OHS recommended these specially for their AFRDI Level 6 and GECA certification… I mean how can the company afford such stylish and highly classed office chairs that support full body motion? This is when Sandra leans in close with a serious look on her face, she replies dead pan with what still shocks me to the core… “they were all at extremely competitive prices….in case you were wondering.

    As you walk slowly back to your desk (dusting the cookie crumbs off your chin) and sit down and sink back into your antibacterial, moulded seat foam you think can life get any better? Suddenly, your boss walks up to your desk (you quickly close gumtree) and look up at him… he then pulls out two adjustable chairs arms and asks if you can give him and hand or two (you laugh with enthusiasm because who do you think brought that chair your sitting on) …  As he teaches you how to use a allen key and fix the arms to your dream chair, you look up and him nervously and ask, “Where did you find such affordable and ergonomic office furniture?” and he replies, “Love your Office of course!”

    Wake up! we are not a dream, we can be your Office Chair reality, we can really show you how to LOVE YOUR OFFICE.