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    So why use asset finance?

    So why use asset finance?

    Our finance partners at Geared Finance have put together some helpful information to explain the benefits of purchasing office furniture using finance. This can be a complicated decision so we thank them for simplifying and explaining it for our clients.

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    The Jarvis Desk... Australia?

    The Jarvis Desk... Australia?

    Jarvis Desk's are taking the furniture market by storm and for good reason... they are well built, well marketed and at fairly good price point. Equipped with quite a large range of customizable features there is no wonder they are coming out front runners in this new sit stand craze. 

    The Jarvis desk is yet to hit Australian shores as of yet and is only distributed across America. But the difference between the Jarvis desk and our range of sit and stand desks isn't a whole lot... just a whole more options.

    If we were to compare our range of sit and stand desks and the Jarvis desks we can really start by the fact that we have such a wide range brands and types all in one location. This enables you to test and trial which one is right for you instead of getting something that might look great but might not be ideal for your circumstance. I think what we all need to take into consideration that Jarvis is just a brand, one brand of electric desks. It is wonderfully marketed and sits right in the medium price bracket of a standard electric desk. 

    The desk itself is well designed and does have a particular look about it, but there isn't that much variety in terms of frame and style. Even though the frame colour is interchangeable its shape isn't. This type of frame can look quite industrial at times and could hinder the support of the desk which can cause some wobbly tendencies.

    Price is also a main factor in the hype around the Jarvis desks, which I can understand as there is some brands out there that obviously believe there desks are made of gold and rubies... But don't let that back you into a corner, as there are some amazingly priced desks, with some fantastic features all made right here in Australia.  

    So I'll leave you with this... Do your research and understand what YOU need and when you're ready, Call Us!








    Just another Fitout...

    Just another Fitout...

    This week we were lucky enough to create magic with Hospitality software giant Redcat. This POS system provider is a modern ever growing company and is continuing to rock the hospitality world. Together we have helped them create a stylish office space to match the quality and convenience they deliver to the customers.

    This Fit Out really highlights how an office can mix efficiency with comfort with integrating some key areas for team building.

    ABW Modular furniture is a great way to give some life to your office in a more cost efficient  and relaxed style. This type of set-up can allow your staff to work in more of an active and productive manner either in a team or by themselves.

    Complimented with Sit and Stand desks this office is truly a match made in heaven. Traditional rows of bland desks are out and the future is here with innovative technology to help ideas flow and keep bodies moving!

    In traditional REDcat red these vibrant Khloe break-out lounges give a wonderful elegances to the room. While looking like an art piece the lounges are not just to gawk at, they are also know for their comfort and quiet components. Doubling as a noise cancelling space thanks to the clever acoustic properties these pieces feature, they can be used for anything from high energy meetings to a quick power nap. 

    Thank-you for having us Redcat, it was a wonderful experience helping you create the perfect space for your team and we cant wait to see you continue to grow!

    Starting at the Bottom of Your Back Ache

    Starting at the Bottom of Your Back Ache

    Sit and Stand desks can be life changing and can have huge health benefits as I have previously said. But, if you’re finding that you are still getting that lower back and leg ache, that didn’t magically disappear with standing more… Here is a little food for thought, standing is only healthier than sitting if it’s done right.

    The answer to this, is the revolutionized anti-fatigue standing mats which are swiftly sweeping the furniture field. Constant standing on a flat hard surface can lead to postal fatigue, which can force your body into unhealthy and unnatural positions. Once your body starts taking to this position it can cause some serious cramping, swelling, poor circulation and soreness… completely dampening your sit stand experience (what an ANTI climax).

    Not to worry, with the new innovative products hitting the market, standing mats will further the benefits of the sit and stand desks with their anti-fatigue purposes and dynamic features, we will all be Ryan Goslings in no time! But standing mats are also for those who are just looking for less pressure on their backs, better circulation, healthy movement and a healthier body… (so more washboard abs for me).


    Static standing is OUT and Ryan Gosling is IN… And so is anti-fatigue standing mat!



    Colour = Mood?

    Colour = Mood?

    Did you know the colour of the walls in your office could significantly reduce stress and boost productivity in the work place? As all the big CEOs of the world are reaching for cans of every colour under the sun, sit back and wait a minute….

    Choosing your wall colour in the work place isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, but to help build up your business from the inside - out. In this process you must think about these five key elements when picking your colour palette: stimulation, productivity, brand reflection, calming factors and clarity. The colours you choose ideally need to reflect your brand and values as well as the work your employees undertake. 

    Colours in the office have more of an impact than you would have ever imagined… They are the simplest way to boost performance and morale. In fact, there have been studies taken out in offices all around the world and their workers' reactions to colour in the work place. The results found that when particular colours were used there was quite a large increase in work ethic and productivity levels soared. With that said, too much of some colours can cause irritability and anxiety, so it really helps to do your research before you take the (brush) plunge. Furthermore, colours can give the same effect with just complements scattered throughout furniture and décor.

    But we are not just talking about the paint on the walls, wood has also been shown to have a huge impact on mood. As it is a more natural fibre, it is able to bring warmth and character to a dull room.

    I hope I’ve given you something to think about… now it's time to take action!