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    Watch Them Stare at Your New Office Chair

    Watch Them Stare at Your New Office Chair

    Just take a moment, close your eyes and imagine this….  Well, don’t exactly close them, as it would make it awfully hard to keep reading. Without further ado let me take you for a ride in your new and improved office chair…

    You can hear the gentle groans from Mario’s office and his soft cursing as his back starts to seize and ache. You peak around the corner and watch as he ever so slowly tries to stand, his spine clicking and curving... Oh how soothing you think, as your chair wraps and caresses every inch of your back from your lumber to your shoulder blades. He turns his red and pain stricken eyes to yours and scowls, as you smile ever so slightly (he’s a bit of a moron anyway). I mean, it’s not your fault Colleen ordered 15 new office chairs, instead of 150…. (and you got on Colleen’s good side last year at the Christmas party, when you gave her your last sausage roll). 

    Ah the serenity, as you look over, Susanne looks longingly back at you… Then you realise it’s not you Susanne is looking at (thank god, how were you going to explain that to your husband). It’s the endless ergonomic adjustments, I mean the seat height adjustment, followed by the back tilt and adjustable back height… I know what you’re thinking, how did they make a chair so damn comfortable, stylish and designed with maximum ergonomic effectiveness?! (your mum was right, you can have stylish and practical).

    These beautifully upholstered, sleek and modern office chairs couldn’t be ours…  That’s when you decided to do some digging with Sandra from accounts (it was also your lunch break and Sandra keeps cookies in her draw). She exclaimed that Joan from OHS recommended these specially for their AFRDI Level 6 and GECA certification… I mean how can the company afford such stylish and highly classed office chairs that support full body motion? This is when Sandra leans in close with a serious look on her face, she replies dead pan with what still shocks me to the core… “they were all at extremely competitive prices….in case you were wondering.

    As you walk slowly back to your desk (dusting the cookie crumbs off your chin) and sit down and sink back into your antibacterial, moulded seat foam you think can life get any better? Suddenly, your boss walks up to your desk (you quickly close gumtree) and look up at him… he then pulls out two adjustable chairs arms and asks if you can give him and hand or two (you laugh with enthusiasm because who do you think brought that chair your sitting on) …  As he teaches you how to use a allen key and fix the arms to your dream chair, you look up and him nervously and ask, “Where did you find such affordable and ergonomic office furniture?” and he replies, “Love your Office of course!”

    Wake up! we are not a dream, we can be your Office Chair reality, we can really show you how to LOVE YOUR OFFICE.

    Designed to Connect with Modular Furniture

    Designed to Connect with Modular Furniture

    How would you choose between an area for team meetings, private relaxation or impressive (and overdone) art work? You now don’t have to... It’s time to invest in what gives you all those options and so much more!

     Introducing our Modular active seating range, the most cost efficient, motivative and innovative furniture design to date! The Modular furniture concept is not just a feature on its own, it is designed to complement your traditional set up and give life back into the office! I can already hear the questions coming… If the free booze and those fancy little quiches at the Christmas party can’t bring us together, how do you expect a couch to? It doesn’t… we are office furniture and fit out specialists, not genies. What it will give is a motivation boost, higher energy in the workplace and a happier, more productive team (as I said not genies… but pretty damn close). This furniture is designed to connect superficially, mentally and socially. Please tell me, what would be better for business than fun furniture, great ideas, passionate workers and a strong close-knit team? Nothing!

     It is an end of an era and time to embrace the future of activity based working… This is the 21st century, its well and truly time to say good bye to the drab, outdated office areas of corporate past (I know what you’re thinking ‘and hello to my bank account’ not quite...). This new Activity based modular furniture is quite cost efficient and cost effective. These pieces can be made into many different arrangements to suit all business circumstances such as; semi private pods for focused work to communal break-out lounges for meetings or relaxation. Modular furniture isn’t just a trend, it is the way of the working future, we are cruising into more of an active, vibrant and moving corporate world… say goodbye to mind blanks, stress and cramped work areas and start connecting with the needs of your company!

    You Have Trouble Picking an Outfit to Wear to the Office... Let Alone Picking a Fit Out for the Office. Have No Fear Love Your Office to the Rescue!

    You Have Trouble Picking an Outfit to Wear to the Office... Let Alone Picking a Fit Out for the Office. Have No Fear Love Your Office to the Rescue!


    The stress starts to bubble up, your stomach starts to do back flips and then realization starts to surface… You start thinking about how to even start planning the team’s lunches, let alone a whole new layout! You then start to calm yourself, what’s a couple of new desks and a pot plant here and there? This thought all comes crashing down when your boss asks for a list of products and a layout. Can’t find a ruler? Don’t understand quotes? Is there even any Melbourne office fit out specialist? What’s an office fit out? Have as much taste as whoever dresses the weather lady?  That’s where we come in.


    Layout and Time-frame

    A professional layout designer will show up at your office free of charge, in one hand carrying some tissues and in the other a blank piece of paper… that in just 24hrs will hold your dream scaled office interior fit out plan… 100% stress free! I could just mic drop there but it gets better… In just a couple days after the plans have been approve and you’ve impressed your boss with how efficient you are… you will receive an email. This email will not just have the total office fit out cost, a quote to fit your budget, but also your time frame and all from our exclusive office fit out contractor (that promotion is at arm’s reach now).


    Storage and Style

    Pam needs extra storage space for her foot cream? Mark needs more desk space for his useless data graphs? Write it down and let us know! Our fit out design team won’t leave any corner untouched (or person without a desk) and you need to look like you’re doing something. On the same breath, after you’ve done the once over on Facebook and picked up the coffee, jump onto Pinterest with the perfect search (#officeinspo) for some office fit out ideas! You will need to find office fit out inspiration and style ideas to best compliment your companies fit out and layout. But most importantly something we can go off and help to build your specific brand (No Pam, a spa in the office is not realistic and won’t fit the budget).


    The Finished Product

    After all your hard work is done, we will help you customize the office fit out plan… the colour, style and finishes from our amazing local furniture manufactures! It is then, all in our reliable, professional hands and we have it from here. After that is sorted, you can then put your two pot plants on the window seal, dust off your hands and continue your candy crush. I mean you’ve done so much in such a small amount of time and the office décor is exquisite… How did you even manage that? These are all the questions you’ll get from the other office managers looking for office refits… in which you will reply… to truly Love Your Office you need Love Your Office. Case closed.


    Can all the Ergonomic Furniture Please be up Standing…. And Everyone Else for that Matter, with our Sit and Stand Desks!

    Can all the Ergonomic Furniture Please be up Standing…. And Everyone Else for that Matter, with our Sit and Stand Desks!


    Sit and Stand desks are rapidly becoming a highly sort after essential in every workplace. Not only are they trending for their aesthetic purposes, but more so for health benefits. Switching between the two can lower chances of obesity and heart disease. Using a height adjustable desk will also increase productivity and overall staff happiness.

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a stand!

    Our Sit and Stand Desk Range

    Getting into our huge range of great products… And the huge range of motion those products offer. The wonderful world of technology also comes with a wonderful world of colours, finishes, materials and types… Well, let’s just say we have them all. We have anything from desk risers to sit and stand meeting tables and are constantly out seeking new high-class products to sink our teeth into. Here at Love Your Office we constantly keeping an eye out for new products that are up to date, fresh and funky… (as everyone's weird uncle who still thinks his  "hip" would say).

     Goodbye Fat and Hello Energy

     Reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are just some of the negative effects scientific studies have proven due to excessive amounts of sitting. Not to mention the benefits of standing at work, such as less fatigue, increase in motivation, energy and productivity levels. No wonder OH&S are having furniture field days!

     The Verdict

     My question to you is, how could you afford not to have one!? As they say, there is a person for everyone and as I’d like to say there is also a desk… so it’s time to break up with the old and bring in the new… Let’s just say, you want to find someone (or something) that’s going to bring you up and not drag you down!



    Sit Down and Shut-up…. In the Versis Quiet Break-Out Lounge

    Sit Down and Shut-up…. In the Versis Quiet Break-Out Lounge

    Since we were on the topic of the Reception Desk and the impression you want to leave on your visitors, I thought I would BREAK into the next topic.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking … but Michaela, Breakout lounges aren’t for reception areas! I know that, but what you may not have thought of is your breakout room will sometimes hold meetings and more likely than not, with visitors you haven’t met before…  Tell me, what would make better conversation during that awkward “lull”, than that unique piece of furniture your sitting on and how the “lull” is so much more prominent because you are sitting in a noise cancelling chair.


    A bit Different, a bit Unusual 


    I would like to introduce to you the Versis Quiet Breakout Lounge. This unique lounge also has the power to equally help you draw in more of that WOW factor and less of that bustling office chatter (that can drive us a little nuts sometimes).


    From the get go, this beauty is eye catching with its elegant high back, extended winged side panels and as we discussed, a quiet yet personal ambiance.


    Loud Patterns, Bright Colours and a Little Privacy 


    The Versis Quiet Breakout Lounge, is not only a stand-out but it is also super versatile and we have the power to make it a very comfortable chameleon.


    Let me tell you how…

    With our ability to help you change your lounge into any two-toned colour/pattern, it will easily slip into your office décor (like it was made for it... you know, because it is).


    Just because the colours on the Versis Quiet Breakout lounge can be bright and in your face, sitting in it doesn’t give you the same effect ... In fact, it gives the opposite.


    The last but most wonderful feature to this remarkable couch, is the privacy you are able to gain as soon as your bum touches the fixed commercial grade foam cushions.


    The Versis Quiet Break-out Lounge gives you the ultimate quiet time to relax, think and occasionally hide from your staff … With the choice of having 1 seater, 2 seater and 3 seater options, you can ideally choose who you want to share a couch with and who “Just can’t sit with us!”

    So how could you afford not to have one…. or 2 or even 3, depending on your requirements.